SOYBEAN 360; Promoting Soybean farmer’s livelihood in Nigeria

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The Country is facing recession and insecurity in the central part of Nigeria, Many farmers have had to relocate with the hope to start their lives again. We observed that farmers were indisposed with little resources and information to cater for their farms.

Over the cause of the years, we have engaged over 400 small holder farmers basically carrying out focused group discussions and providing them access to information, trainings on good agronomic practices and farming as a business. In order to Increase production so as to enhance food security in the Nation and to ensure sustainability in Agriculture.

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We started a project, SOYBEAN 360; Promoting Soybean farmer’s livelihood in Nigeria, with the aim of Creating Partnership and Market linkage for local Soybean farmers to improve their livelihood at the grassroots’ level. We are partnering with farmers and farmer groups by providing access to improved seeds, crop protection products, and fertilizers and on farm trainings on good agronomic practices to foster the increase of good quality products, good market prices and a general improvement in the livelihood of farmers under our program.

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We started out in July 2016 with a pilot of 10 farmers spread across five villages covering two local governments in Benue state, Markurdi LGA and Tarka LGA This project is fully funded by Farmties, Dahrah Global Limited.

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We want to create a community of Good Nigerian farmers that can incorporate good farming techniques and understand the importance of quality and international standards thereby reducing poverty, Food insecurity and guarantee traceability and quality to our to our customers via our market linkage activities.

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