Commodity trading & brokerage on AFEX

Farmties Capital offers professional commodity trading and brokerage services, execute orders on behalf of clients in a timely manner to buy and sell commodity contracts on the Afex commodities exchange

  • The Problem

    Rural farmers typically lack the necessary know-how, resources and infrastructure to attract investors and industry players who need agricultural commodities usually have specific market standards that small scale farmers and local commodity traders don’t meet up to. Our work is to bridge this gap by establishing a well managed procurement, logistics, processing and sales system where suppliers can get fair remuneration and agro-allied companies and investors get sufficient value.

  • About AFEX

    AFEX Commodity Exchange Limited is a regulated body that provides an enabling environment and community where producers, processors and investors can trade agricultural commodity contracts (Legally bidding agreement that is mutually beneficial to all parties).

  • Com X

    Com X is an online exchange platform powered by AFEX where people can seamlessly trade agricultural commodity instruments, get valuable information on commodity trading and investment opportunities. Investors can choose from a broad range of commodities

  • What is agricultural commodity investment?

    This is investing resources usually money in agricultural products like rice, soybeans, maize, cocoa, livestock etc in anticipation for a return on investment.

  • Why should you invest on regulated exchanges?

    - There is price discovery (proper prices based on market variables) and price transparency. - Efficient grading and standardization - Relatively high returns - Commodity exchanges are highly regulated

  • Types Of Investment Options Available On ComX, AFEX commodities exchange.

    1. Fixed Income Products This provides returns inform of fixed periodic interest payments to investors and upon maturity the principal is repaid.
    2. Spot Contracts This is available for immediate delivery. The contracts are cash settled and backed by physical underlying commodities in accredited warehouses. Here you can earn as prices rise.

  • How Can Farmties Assist You?

    Farmties is a promoter on the AFEX exchange. We provide information on available products and services and how the work. We can help you through your investment decisions and make your experience seamless.

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