Farmties Capital is a private equity firm that focuses on financing promising start-ups and SMEs in the agricultural sector. We believe that with the right support agricultural SMEs can be empowered to contribute meaningfully to Africa’s prosperity and social development. Our aim is to apply a holistic system of effective and intensive support by providing funding opportunities, technical assistance, mentoring support and market linkage opportunities. We partner with donor organizations and investors who share our interests and values and understand our purpose and commitment to creating sustainable impact. Since 2016, Farmties Capital has been working with several farmers in Northern Nigeria to improve productivity and profitability. The company also has vested interest in energy and technology.



Our vision is to create a sustainable future for African Businesses



Our mission is creating opportunities, mutual wealth and benefits for economic sustainability in Africa


Value Offering

Investing in people, creating wealth and changing lives

Our Values

The following are our core values

Impacting Investing

We believe that the most powerful way to effect long lasting change in Africa is by influencing the trajectory of capital allocation. In Africa, the flow of capital is woefully out –of sync with sustainable development. Poverty, inequality, gender discrimination, unemployment, illegal capital flow and climate change are just some of the numerous problems impeding economic growth. To create greater and effective impact we narrow down our efforts to addressing social and environmental issues in specific sectors and aim to re-redirect capital through impact investing, gender lens investing, and financial inclusion.


We hope to help mission driven entrepreneurs transform Africa’s biggest agricultural problems into Africa’s biggest business opportunities in such a way that after our investment cycle is over the company can achieve triple bottom line sustainability.


An integral part of the process is to help accelerate and scale impact. We hope to help companies we work with multiple proven solutions to benefit more people and communities as rapidly as possible.